Lab Name: KJ Tech Services GmbH - an Intertek Company

Lab Address:
Pallaswiesenstrasse 168
64293 Darmstadt

Local Lab Phone: +49 615139426 30

Phone: 0800 5855888

Fax: +49 6151 39426 31

Description of Lab:
The Intertek KJ Tech lab is strategically located in the center of the automotive industry in the Rhine-Main area with quick access to motorway driving, mountain roads in the Taunus and Odenwald area, a wide range of close-by country roads and possible city driving in Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

Services specific to the Intertek KJ Tech location include:

  • On-Road Vehicle Testing
    • Overall vehicle rating (quality)
    • Endurance tests (R&D)
    • Tests accompanying development (e.g. consumption tests, alternative fuels [e.g. M15, E85], NGV [CNG or LNG])
    • Drive as you wish - Rig-to-road (based on time and speed vs. based on road type)
    • Trips with PEMS devices (AVL M.O.VE Gas PEMS iS)
    • Data recording (environmental data, LIDAR, RADAR, video)
    • Injector coking - Simulation of injector coking in a test drive
    • GPF powertrain validation - petrol particulate filter validation and instrumentation in driving tests
    • Parts and vehicle purchase from market
    • Preparation of press vehicles (running-in and brake conditioning)
    • Vehicle cold start test
  • Engine, Oil, Lubrication, Coolant & Fuel Testing
    • Engine / drive train test, development & optimization
    • Accelerated Stress Testing (AST)
    • Consumption test (e.g. alternative fuels [e.g. M15, E85], NGV [CNG or LNG])
    • Oil approval according to OEM / supplier specifications
    • Fuel, coolant & EV oil testing
    • Test partner sourcing (depending on brand, model, mileage, degree of difficulty, operating conditions):
      • Identification of vehicles
      • Sampling, processing / flushing (e.g. fuel, oil, coolant)
      • Tear-down, engine disassembly and final evaluation
    • Research and procurement of fresh oils / lubricants, engines and components of all brands and models
    • Assembly of exhibition models / cutting motors / models
    • Failure Analysis
  • Testing Hydrogen / Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Charging Stations
    • Complete vehicle assessment tests (quality)
    • Measurement data acquisition and evaluation in endurance runs (R&D)
    • Interoperability test with charging station and vehicle (charging communication and performance monitoring, root cause analysis)
    • High voltage tests including training (e.g. hybrid, electric vehicles, fuel cells)
    • Evaluation of components and systems
    • Sampling of charging stations
    • Up to 1000V/ 1000A charge/discharge capability
    • UN 38.3 transportation testing
    • Safety certifications (IECEE CB Scheme, ETL- North America)
    • Performance and market claims evaluations
    • Failure analysis from full system to single cell
  • Testing of ADAS and Multimedia Components
    • R&D testing (informational goals)
    • Validation testing (OEM compliance)
    • Benchmarking (establishing design baselines)
    • Euro NCAP and IIHS Ratings (compliance and marketing)
    • Connected Car, including 5G, DSRC, V2X, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Testing
    • Autonomous Vehicle, including ADS Guidance, Functional Safety, Track & Road Testing
    • Telematics, including PTCRB, FCC, Cybersecurity & Software Testing
    • Hand operations (simulation of real usage behavior)
    • E-call test with a virtual operator
    • Function validation in the area of ADAS
    • Collection of video data in public spaces
    • Documentation and reporting of abnormalities
  • Vehicle Conversions and Installation of Measurement Technology
    • Elaboration of technical requirements, selection of sensors and coordination with the recording system
    • Creation of a concept for the measurement setup as part of the endurance run
    • Equipment of benchmark vehicles in the field of:
      • NVH
      • Noise measurement
      • Analog sensors
      • CAN reverse engineering
      • UDS query
      • HV measurement technology
    • Equipment of prototypes with ETAS / Inca systems
    • Vehicle conversion for component tests (wiring harness changes, mechanical adjustments, etc.)
    • Electric motor conversion and instrumentation for test bench
    • Engine disassembly and rating

Lab Accreditations:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • VDA 6.2

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