Intertek San Antonio Automotive Research is one of the largest independent automotive testing organizations in the world providing services since 1953

Intertek San Antonio consists of three laboratory sites and is one of the largest independent testing organizations in the world providing testing services to the automotive and petrochemical industries. We offer customer focused solutions to automotive and heavy-duty OEM’s, offroad and non-road OEM’s, OEM suppliers and fuel and lubricant companies.

For almost 70 years, the Intertek automotive testing facilities in San Antonio, TX span over 18 acres housing a multitude of different laboratories and have been providing independent testing services for the automotive and fuel and lubricant industries. Services include: engine emissions, performance, development, and durability; vehicle performance and durability; fleet evaluation services, fuel system components testing; evaporative emissions testing; permeation testing; SHED testing, analytical (chemistry) testing, and fuel and lubricant qualification testing.

Lab Name: Intertek Automotive Research

Lab Address:

5404 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX 78238

Local Lab Phone: 1-210-684-2310

Primary Lab Capabilities:

Lab Accreditations: ISO/IEC 17025

Lab Accreditation and Recognitions