Experience industry leading engine and powertrain performance testing services

At Intertek, our internal combustion engine (ICE), electric vehicle (EV), and hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) powertrain testing services help drive best-in-class and reliable automotive products. Our knowledge of driveline testing and development, along with our expertise in electric and hybrid propulsion systems allows Intertek to offer an enviable portfolio of testing expertise in alternative powertrain testing and development.

Our global facilities can support manufacturers with testing across a broad range of automotive products; covering everything from passenger cars, commercial trucks, heavy-duty engines, high horsepower engines (up to 3000 HP), and the fuels and lubricants sectors. Testing specificities for marine engines, ATVs and motorcycles, and other engines and powertrains are also available.

Our global lab capabilities:

Intertek’s global reach helps automotive products meet standards across both the Americas and Europe, with key Intertek lab locations providing specific testing solutions.

Milton Keynes, UK

Intertek Transportation Technologies based in Milton Keynes, UK, has more than 30 years’ experience in dynamometer-based powertrain development testing. This powertrain testing expertise has been extended over the years to include the testing and optimisation of eMobility driveline systems, full electric, hybrid-electric powertrains, and Formula E powertrain racing technologies.

Our Milton Keynes laboratory facilities are supported by comprehensive in-house instrumentation and facilities maintenance, running 24/7, 362 days a year to ensure minimum down-time with maximum data quality.

San Antonio, US

For over 60 years, the Intertek automotive testing facilities in San Antonio, Texas have been providing customer focused, independent testing services for the automotive, fuel and lubricant industries. Our San Antonio engine and powertrain testing facility hones in on services regarding diesel, gasoline and natural gas durability, performance and emissions.

Carnot, San Antonio

Intertek’s Carnot Emission Services facility in San Antonio, Texas specialises in engine development, audit, and certification services, using over 20 test beds with engine capacity up to 500 HP. Intertek Carnot works closely with the small off-road engine (SORE), large spark ignition (LSI), stationary, marine, nonroad CI, and on-highway heavy duty engine industries to meet federal and state emission regulations.

With these capabilities, expertise, and global reach, we can help you take your engine or powertrain products to the next level.

Our testing services include:

Our global automotive testing laboratories provide our customers with a diverse range of services, each one bespoke for their specific needs and global regions. These include but are not limited to:

  • - Electric and Hybrid Powertrains
  • - Transmissions Testing
  • - Component Cost Down
  • - Marine Engines
  • - CNG
  • - High Horsepower Engines
  • - Diesel, Gasoline and Natural Gas fuel economy
  • - Chilled Fluids
  • - ATV/Motorcycle
  • - Exhaust Emissions
  • - On-board Diagnostics
  • - Thermal Cycles
  • - Road Load Simulation
  • - Altitude Simulation
  • - Test Facility Audits
  • - Automated Mapping
  • - Combustion Studies
  • - DF Programs
  • - Part 1065 CVS
  • - Tilt Rig
  • - EOL/PLT Audits

To ensure that your automotive products comply with the Standards of the regions you’d like to access, we offer bespoke testing solutions to ensure the vehicles you manufacturer comply with all global standards. These include but are not limited to:

  • - 40 CFR Part 60, 86, 89, 90, 1039, 1045, 1048, 1051, 1054, 1060, 1065, 1068
  • - US-SET
  • - HD-FTP
  • - US-NTRC
  • - NTE
  • - NATO Cycle
  • - HD GHG
  • - EU-NEDC
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