Analytical tests developed by various automotive or engine manufacturers (OEMs)

Intertek automotive research expertise provides automotive industry clients a wide range of OEM tests for engine related compliance, evaluation and qualitification purposes.

Automotive Manufacturer (OEM) engine related testing:


Test MethodTest Description
AEMElastomer Compatibility
AK-6Elastomer Compatibility

Ford Motor Company

Test MethodTest Description
BJ 120-1Pour Point, Maximum
BJ 124-1Engine Oil Filterability
BJ 127-1 / D5133Scanning Brookfield

International Harvester

Test MethodTest Description
IH-BT-7Water Tolerance
IH-BT-9Humidity Corrosion
IH-BT-10Oxidation Corrosion
IH-BT-13Stability, Heating

John Deere

Test MethodTest Description
JDQ-9Seal Compatibility, Nitrile (Screener)
JDQ-16Oxidation Stability of Lube Oils
JDQ-19Water Sensitivity of Lubricating Oils
JDQ-22Rust Protection, Humidity Cabinet
JDQ-23Compatibility of Lubricants
JDQ-32Copper Corrosion from Lubricating Oils
JDQ-33Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils
JDQ-71Stable Pour Point
JDQ-72Pour Point by Ford Method
JDQ-73Low Temperature Fluidity (Cold Soak)
JDQ-74Low Temperature Fluidity (Slow Cool)


Test MethodTest Description
CAT TO-4Compatibility Fluid
CAT TO-4Copper Corrosion
CAT TO-4Flash Point
CAT TO-4Seal (Elastomer) Compatibility
CAT TO-4Foaming Test
CAT TO-4Homogeneity
CAT TO-4Rust Control
CAT TO-4Viscosity

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