Intertek internal engine test methods meet specific customer needs

Intertek automotive internal engine test methods include:

Test MethodTest Description
AR-214Separation Characteristics of Gear Lubricants
AR-224Silver Coupon Corrosion Test
AR-226Shell Blotter Test
AR-229Lubricant Blending, with Lubricants and Additives Supplied
AR-229-1NTE 1.0 gallon with One Additive
AR-229-2NTE 1.0 gallon with Two Additives
AR-229-3NTE 1.0 gallon with Three Additives
AR-229-4NTE 5.0 gallons with One Additive
AR-229-5NTE 5.0 gallons with Two Additives
AR-229-6NTE 5.0 gallons with Three Additives
AR-229-7NTE 15 gallons with One Additive
AR-229-8NTE 15 gallons with Two Additives
AR-229-9NTE 15 gallons with Three Additives
AR-229-10NTE 35 gallons with One Additive
AR-229-11NTE 35 gallons with Two Additives
AR-229-12NTE 35 gallons with Three Additives
AR-231Trend Analysis Testing (Used Oil Analysis)

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