Engine endurance and durability testing, for engine manufacturers and their suppliers.

Intertek is an industry leader in engine durability and endurance testing. Programs primarily include performance and validation testing on engines and engine components. Customers include all of the automotive and heavy duty engine manufacturers, and their suppliers.

Intertek engine test stand configurations meet diverse testing requirements and needs. Precision data acquisition and control systems provide flexible and repeatable engine control. Data acquisition rates vary depending on customer requirements, with typical rates at once/minute and once/stage. Intertek uses “flight recorder” data acquisition, gathering data at a high rate (such as 100 Hz) to help determine root-cause due to engine or engine component failure. Some test stands are also equipped with emission measurement equipment. Humidity and temperature intake air control is available, as well as precise control of various other temperatures and pressures such as engine oil and coolant using PID loop control.

Intertek tests a variety of engine configurations, including single cylinder, multi-cylinder, research, prototype, and production engines. A variety of fuels are used, including gasoline/gasoline blends, diesel, alternative fuels and natural gas (including CNG).

Engine and engine components are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated, and are being developed at a more rapid pace and at less cost than ever before. Intertek's facilities allow our customers to meet these new challenges.

Engine Endurance and Durability Testing Capabilities:

  • Individual test cells
  • Eddy-current dynamometers up to 1200 HP
  • AC dynamometers up to 600 HP
  • Engine speed up to 8000 RPM
  • Combustion air control (temp and humidity)
  • Exhaust back pressure control
  • Gaseous and particulate emissions
  • Oil consumption measurement (manual and auto)
  • Engine fluids (fuel, coolant and oil) temperature control
  • Automated data acquisition and control (various systems and speeds)
  • Multiple data acquisition channels – dependent upon program
  • Flight recorder oversight
  • OEM diagnostic equipment utilized
  • Various test fuels utilized (examples: gasoline/gasoline blends, diesel, alternative fuels and natural gas, including CNG)
  • High-speed tests
  • Low-speed tests
  • Mixed cycles
  • Road simulation cycles
  • Catalyst ageing
  • Vehicle drive cycle simulation
  • Thermal shock
  • Manifold cracking
  • Vibration analysis
  • Chilled fluids tests
  • Transmission durability
  • Transaxle tests
  • Full exhaust system sign off
  • Imposed vibration signatures

Engine Customers:

  • Heavy-duty OEMs
  • Passenger car OEMs
  • Off road and industrial equipment manufacturers
  • Military
  • Tiered suppliers

Engine Testing Experience:

  • Complete engine durability
  • Component durability
  • Engine performance and validation testing
  • Engine development testing
  • Power checks, curves
  • Performance
  • Blowby monitoring
  • Compression and leakdown evaluations
  • Engine blueprinting
  • Engine deposit evaluations
  • Fuel, lubricant evaluations
  • Octane requirement increase evaluations
  • Crankcase ventilation evaluations
  • Oil consumption evaluations
  • Emissions
  • Failure analysis
  • Test development
  • OEM specific tests
  • Industry standard tests

Engine Test Cycles:

  • Industry specified cycles
  • Proprietary cycles
  • Custom designed cycles

Performance Tests:  

  • Engine and component performance measurement
  • Engine sign-off testing
  • Competitor benchmarking studies
  • Combustion analysis and development
  • Engine control mapping and calibration
  • Emission control system optimisation and development

Transmission Tests:

  • Extended durability tests
  • Cyclic durability test
  • Transmission efficiency mapping
  • Transmission error testing including gear profile research
  • Full installations including engine, transmission, torque tube, transaxle and can be combined with full, unmodified, vehicle exhaust systems
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