Milton Keynes Lab

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Lab Address:

8 Tanners Drive
Milton Keynes
MK14 5BN
United Kingdom

Local Lab Phone:

+44 (0)1908 513000 – Main Reception

Short Description of Lab:

The Milton Keynes engine test site was the former Tickford Powertrain Test facility.

Our test facility operates 28 engine and driveline, powertrain test cells on a 24/7 basis on engines ranging from the smallest non-road engines up to the largest Heavy-Duty vehicle engines.

Each test cell contains engine testing dynamometers featuring steady state and transient testing capabilities, for testing Diesel, Gasoline and any alternative fired or hybrid engines and driveline systems.

As well as offering engine durability testing, we specialize in engine performance and emissions development and combustion mapping and we also have test cells dedicated to fuel and lubricant testing as well as exhaust system manufacture and catalyst aging.

We offer full engine build, stripping and rating capabilities as well as offering road-based vehicle fleet management trials.

Primary Lab Capabilities:

The engine test cells in Milton Keynes offer the most technologically advanced commercially available driveline test facilities in Europe, with test cells offering very highly controllable and adjustable air intake handling systems (CAHU) which control intake air pressure, temperature and humidity whilst offering multiple fuel types and the most sophisticated emissions measurement and analysis equipment currently available on the open market.

All engine and driveline parameters can be controlled and adjusted using our latest generation test cell control systems and we specialize in engine and driveline automated mapping using the most advanced and industry standard software packages from AVL. All of our engine test cells feature the ability to monitor and log multiple temperature, pressure and fluid flows as well as supporting full CAN system logging and full 360 degree control of all engine related systems.

Engine exhaust emissions, including particulate Mass and Number as well as all regulated and non-regulated pollutants, and fuel consumption can be measured using our state of the art emissions and fuel analysis equipment and this allows excellent correlation of road and chassis dynamometer vehicle testing with our test cells.

As well as offering engine development and performance mapping expertise, many of our test cells are designed specifically for engine and driveline durability testing and can offer very cost effective solutions to engine and driveline endurance testing.

Our lab features one of the industries only tilting engine dynamometers, which offers dynamic tilting in four degrees of freedom, to allow real-time testing of oil and fuel delivery systems.

The Milton Keynes laboratory has a number of dedicated test cells for European industry standard (CEC) fuel and lubricants testing and we have test cells dedicated to XUD9 and DW10 lubricant tests. These cells are fully accredited to ISO17025 as well as ISO9001 and Intertek can offer fuel blending capabilities as well as supply or new or cleaned injector nozzles. All of our fuel and lubricant testing is supported by our engine strip and rating services with a full professional quality photographic studio for detailed reporting of all test components.

Exhaust system ageing can be conducted by our test lab on a number of dedicated test cells, which are setup for ageing of Diesel as well as Gasoline systems. Our expert team of fabricators can also create bespoke exhaust systems, with volumes ranging from one-off systems to production runs of upto 100 systems.

Our laboratory also specialises in the management of on-road based fleet trials, and our facilities and workshops are entrusted by some of the world’s largest fuel and lubricant manufacturers for the management of their road-based vehicle fleet trials.

Lab Certifications:

All of our test cells are fully accredited by the UKs Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for conducting European ECE Regulation 85 (engine power) approval tests and the entire site is covered by our ISO9001 certification.

Our fuels and lubricant testing cells are also covered by UKAS ISO17025 accreditation as well as being recognised by the European CEC and the ATC ERC.


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