A leading developer of rapid aging cycles for catalysts and other after-treatment systems

Intertek has become an industry leader in the development of rapid aging cycles for catalysts and other after-treatment systems. We use cycles and manufacturers’ own procedures to rapid-age catalysts, DPF, DOC and SCR units as well as providing clients with a fast-turnaround on modified components and installing specialist instrumentation for their own use.

Dedicated aging facilities with a suite of SI and CI engines are complemented by a dedicated team of experienced individuals well versed in the disciplines of catalyst construction and development. Specialist fabricators and carefully developed de-mountable systems give Intertek and its clients fast-response services from simple instrumentation to complete cycle development and aging of batches of development and parts.

Specialist fuels for aging cycles are available with on-site additive blending when required, giving Intertek a global market portfolio in this specialist field. Over 150 gasoline catalysts and over 100 off diesel catalysts and DPFs are recanned per year and almost 100,000 litre of special fuels are blended.

Intertek engine research, development, and emissions testing services perform engine emission testing programs for engine manufacturers and their suppliers. Engine emission evaluations are performed for customers including heavy-duty OEMs, passenger car OEMs, off-road and industrial equipment manufacturers, military, and tiered suppliers.

 Catalyst Aging and Evaluation Tests

  • Catalyst aging
  • Catalyst ageing cycle development
  • Diesel after-treatment ageing
  • Diesel after-treatment cycle development including soot loading and regeneration
  • Catalyst light-off evaluation
  • After-treatment efficiency measurement
  • Dynamic cycle evaluation
  • Vehicle cycle simulation on transient dynamometers
  • Simultaneous emission analysis pre and post after-treatment
  • Fettling rig
  • Recanning & instrumentation facility
  • Preparation of emissions & OBD hardware
  • 4k, 50k, 120k accelerated aged hardware

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