With approximately 11,650 acres of space, the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds is one of the premiere on- and off-road proving grounds for testing new vehicles, automotive components and transportation technology. Now, through the Arizona Mobility Test Center Powered by Intertek (AMTC), all automotive OEMs and suppliers have the opportunity to use this facility and take advantage of the 60 lane miles each of paved and unpaved roads.

Arizona Mobility Test Center Powered by Intertek

Located in Wittmann, Ariz., approximately 60 miles from Phoenix, the facility offers year-round access and is perfectly situated for hot-weather test needs.

Intertek offers a wide range of engineering support services at all phases of product evaluation, such as:

  • Product design troubleshooting & recommendations
  • R&D support
  • New technology requirements
  • New automotive market demand
  • Performance & safety assessments
  • Systems plan development, including analysis on integrated components
  • Assistance with documentation
  • Simplifying complex requirements
  • Identify/solve regulatory & certification requirements
  • Identify/solve testing challenges
  • Design for compliance with current/upcoming regulations
  • Resolve existing issues and anticipate future challenges

Intertek can perform full vehicle evaluation and validation processes including:

Additional Capabilities:


Toyota engaged Intertek Transportation Technologies to expand commercial activities through the Arizona Mobility Test Center. Facility enhancements include creation of a new area for long-term tenants and construction of added amenities for developing and testing vehicle performance   Read full article

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