Intertek has the expertise and the resources to match qualified personnel with nearly any project. We are experienced in running critical analytical testing and engineering projects, and we can provide you with lab services engineered to meet your requirements with accuracy, reliability and economy.

We will serve as your partner in workforce and staffing solutions. Technical staffing provided by Intertek gives our customers value-added service and enhanced quality, all at a lower total cost. It offers financial, operational, quality and productivity benefits to your business.

Intertek consults with customers in the automotive, medical furniture, consumer products and other industries to design and implement an effective win-win staffing solution. Intertek has a proven track-record providing technical staff for major global companies. Sample job titles include: Design, Reliability, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Validation, Test or Quality Engineers, Chemist, Program/ Project Manager, and more.

Benefits of using Intertek for your technical/engineering staffing includes:

  • Optimized use of available resources
  • Streamlined operations & cost structure
  • Ability to focus on core capabilities
  • Expertise from a leader in testing & engineering


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