UL 4600: Autonomous Vehicle Safety Standard

UL 4600: Standard for Safety for the Evaluation of Autonomous Products is the first safety standard for autonomous vehicle along with other applications and systems

UL 4600 is the first standard designed specifically for Autonomous, Automated and Connected Vehicles and related products. Intertek offers Total Quality Assurance of the functionality of your autonomous systems and applications.

This standard specifically addresses the ability of autonomous products to perform safely and as intended without human interaction. Additionally, the reliability of the hardware and software necessary for machine learning, sensing of the operating environment and other safety aspects of autonomous operation is also addressed.

Compliance with UL 4600 permits (but does not require conformance to) other safety standards such as ISO 26262, ISO/PAS 21448, IEC 61508, MIL STD 882, etc., as well as security standards where such conformity is demonstrated.

Intertek experts in the areas of automotive, Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and machinery are able to assist manufacturers needing UL 4600 safety case assessment, consultation on interpretation of the standard or Total Quality Assurance of the functionality of their autonomous systems.

Contact us for more information on UL 4600, how to meet the criteria of the standards, or to begin your compliance program.


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