From raw materials and components to full assemblies, Intertek tests and certifies the materials that will make it to the end stage of every automotive product, interior or exterior

Via testing and consultancy, Intertek supports the automotive industry’s plastic, elastomer, composite, metal, glass, coating, plating, and adhesive materials for material submissions and/or end products. Our experts understand the behavior and characteristics of automotive materials, and we use the latest equipment and techniques at their disposal for further automotive material investigation.

Intertek laboratories operate under quality standards like ISO 17025, UKAS, or A2LA, and our experts have extensive knowledge on the ISO TS 16949. Tests include options in mechanical, analytical, physical, failure analysis, electrical, optical, exposure, rheological, and barrier needs, providing comprehensive coverage for all your automotive material testing needs. With our up-to-the-minute knowledge and wealth of material and manufacturing industry experience, Intertek’s ability to support your processes from prototype development to the final production process will leave you with a winning automotive product.

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Tests We Offer:

Mechanical - Tensile, Impact, Peel, Flexural, Bending, Wear, Shear, Compression, Poisson’s Ratio, Bearing, Tear, Scratch
Analytical - FTIR, GC-MS, HPLC, DSC, Fogging, EDS, OES
Thermal: DMA, CTE, Vicat, HDT, Aging
Physical - Density, Hardness, Scratch, Odor
Exposure - Xenon arc, Salt Fog, QUV, Humidity, Shock, Cycling, Carbon arc, CASS
Failure analysis - Fracture, Fatigue, Corrosion, Contamination, Discoloration, Odor, Deformation, Wear
Electrical - Dielectric Strength, Dielectric Constant/Dissipation Factor, Volume and Surface Resistivity
Optical - Color, Haze, Gloss
Rheological - Melt Flow, Capillary, Gel Time
Barrier - WVTR, OTR

Standards We Test For:

Interior and Exterior: GMW14109, GMW14444, GMW14650, GMW14668, GMW14906, WSS-M1P83- (D1, D2, D3), WSS-M2P180-D, WSS-M2P188-A1, WSS-M15P34-D, WSS-M3H120-A, WSS-M15P32-C, WSS-M1P83-D1, WSS-M15P45-B, WSS-M15P4-F, WSS-M8P5-C, WSS-M99P32-C, TSM5518G, TSM0501, TSF7754G MS-JF-1000, MS-HZ-100, MS-DB-200, FMVSS108, GMNA9077P, GMNA9515P, ISO1183, TSH1551G, NES M8506, NES M8504

Examples of European Automotive Test Standards:

Volkswagen: PV 1058, PV 1063, PV 1065, PV 1200, PV 1208, PV 1209, PV 1303, PV 1306, PV 1503, PV 2005, PV 2034, PV 3.14.7, PV 3004, PV 3305, PV 3316, PV 3353, PV 3366, PV 3906, PV 3922,
PV 3946, PV 3949, PV 3952, PV 3959, PV 3964, PV 3965, PV 3966, PV 3971, PV 3974, PV3905, VW 50129, VW 50185, TL 1010

Intertek Approved by Volkswagen for Supplier Materials Testing

Daimler: DBL 5306, DBL 5307, DBL 5416, DBL 5575, DBL 5578, DBL 5800, DBL 5920, DBL 5972, DBL 7381, DBL 7382, DBL 7384, DBL 7399, MBN 10183, MBN 10494

Intertek Approved by Daimler as Class A Laboratory for Supplier Materials Testing

ISO/DIN Test Specifications: DIN EN ISO 2409, ISO 1183-1, ISO 1172, DIN EN ISO 2440, ISO 868, ISO 527-1/-2, DIN EN ISO 2813, DIN EN ISO 3668, DIN EN ISO 9227, VDA 270/PV 3900, ISO 179-1, VDA 270, PV 3900, VDA 275, PV 3925, ISO 178, DIN EN ISO 4628, DIN EN ISO 16925, DIN EN ISO 20567-1, DIN 55662, DIN 67530, ISO 180, DIN 75201, VDA 278, ISO 1856, ISO 2813, ISO (7724) DIN 53236-A, DIN 75200, ISO 105-B06, VDA75202

Additional Resources:

ABS: GMW15572, GMW15580, GMW15581, GMW15582, GMW15583, GMW15949, HES C251, HES D2501, WSS-M4D483-D1, WSS-M4D585-C1, WSS-M4D483-C1, MS HZ-100

Nylon (Polyamide): GMW16370, GMW3029, GMW3038, GMW16035, GMW16036, GMW16262, GMW16270, GMW16272, GMW16279, GMW16370, GMW3029, GMW3038, GMW8693, GMW8694, GMW8751, GMW8752, GMW8752, GMW8753, TSM5516G, TSM5516G, WSB-M4D658-A, WSS-M4D240-A2

PP/PE (Polyolefin): GMW15548, GMW15549, GMW15674, GMW15890, GMW15988, GMW16007, GMW16008, GMW16196, GMW16208, GMW16211, GMW16214, GMW16, TSM5514G, TSM5518G, TSM5608G, TSM5608G, HES D2502, HES C252, HES D2502, WSL-M98D29-A, WSS-M4D865-B8, WSK-M4D731-A2

TPE: GMW GMW15816, GMW15817, GMW15825, GMW16233, GMW16088, WSK-M4D713-A, WSS-M2D378-B1, WSS-M2D379-B1, WSS-M2D380-B1, WSS-M2D381-B1, WSS-M2D382-B1

PVC: GMW16080, GMW16081, GMW16084

Plastic Molding Materials: GMW15702, TSM0501G, TSM0506G, HES D2500, NES M8020

Adhesives: GMW15921, GMW16005, GMW16183, GMW16184, GMW16185, GMW15265, GMW15802, GMW16251, GMW16252

Foam: GMW15063, GMW15064, GMW15065, GMW15066, TSM7605G

GMW16278, GWM 15932, TSM5601G, TSM5603G

ASTM E18, ASTM E384, ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ASTM E112, ASTM E45, ASTM B487

ANSI/SAE Z26.1, ASTM D1003, ASTM F801, ASTM F2156, ATPD 2352, ATPD 2352P, MIL-DTL-62420, MIL STD 810F

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