12 Dec 2016

Facility is First in US to Receive Such Rating

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has been certified as a laboratory with methods category “A” to conduct materials testing to Daimler specifications on a select number of methods. This approval gives manufacturers supplying parts to Daimler an approved testing lab, improving product quality, while reducing costs and resources typically incurred without the assistance of a third party lab. The designation, granted to Intertek’s facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the first in the U.S. to be awarded by Daimler.

“At Intertek, our reputation has been built on decades of experience that have led to successful, long-term accreditations with companies such as Daimler,” said Tim Hubbard, Senior Vice President of Transportation Technologies at Intertek. “This approval supports our commitment to delivering superior customer service and we look forward to partnering with Daimler to bring these services to suppliers around the world.”

The goal of Daimler’s Class A program is to support suppliers by establishing a global network of approved labs to test materials for use in Daimler vehicles to specifications set by the car manufacturer.  Intertek was one of a select number of labs invited to apply for the program and the company underwent an intensive seven-step process in order to qualify.  Intertek is working with Daimler to expand the approval to other labs in Intertek’s global network.

Intertek provides expertise on performance, quality, and reliability standards and expectations for the automotive industries with efficient, cost-effective insights and testing capabilities. We are accredited to conduct hundreds of electrical, chemical, and mechanical tests for automotive components, products, and systems. For more information, visit www.Intertek.com/automotive/.

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