Automotive Metrology services provide parts measuring capabilities.

Intertek's Metrology Lab, located in San Antonio, Texas, provides state-of-the-art precision test parts measurements in support automotive research and testing within Intertek as well as performing customized work for specific customer requests. Metrology lab personnel have many years of combined experience in this field, providing expert guidance in meeting customer requirements. Measurement expertise ranges from simple measurements, such as liner surface finish, to more complex measurements such as engine camshaft profiling.

Metrology equipment includes:  

  • Precision Devices Microanalyzer 2000
  • Camshaft Lift Profile Machine
  • Piston Ring Width Measurement Machine
  • Lifter Wear Measurement Machine
  • Formscan 3100 Roundness and Concentricity Machine
  • Tangential Piston Ring Tension Machine
  • Olympus Microscope
  • Precision Weight Scales


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