Attain the performance needed from your automotive products with the suite of Automotive Professional Services offered by Intertek. With a considerable range of facilities, personnel, and equipment dedicated to making automotive products perform to their best abilities, our Automotive Professional Services include real on-road experience with public road and closed track testing, as well as environmental chamber testing, data acquisition and comprehensive reporting, accelerated mileage accumulation testing, EV infrastructure testing and energy storage systems cycling and performance measure, fleet vehicle monitoring, and much more both in lab and field environments.

Components, automotive systems, and end products are reliably evaluated and performance tested with us, and a particular focus on advanced technology vehicles for industry, government agencies, and fleets helps deliver strong, actionable results. Services such as vehicle and electric battery testing for hybrid and electric vehicles keep new technology at the forefront of performance achievement, and ongoing industry involvement and development keep Intertek and its Automotive Professional Services ahead of the curve in automotive performance testing.

Tests We Offer:

  • Accelerated Mileage Accumulation
  • Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Braking
  • Coastdown
  • Data Acquisition and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Energy Storage System Cycling and Performance Measurement
  • Environmental Chamber Vehicle Testing
  • EV Infrastructure Testing
  • Fleet Vehicle Monitoring
  • High-Temperature Vehicle Validation
  • Public Road & Closed Track Testing
  • Range
  • Rough Road Testing

Standards We Test To:

  • OBD-II In-Use Monitoring data collection and reporting in compliance with 13CCR 1968.2
  • FreedomCAR 42 V Battery Test Manual
  • FreedomCAR Battery Test Manual for Power-Assist Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Capacitor Test Procedures
  • USABC Electric Vehicle Battery Test Procedures Manual, Rev 2
  • SAE J1321 EPA Smartway
  • SAE J227a Electric Vehicle Testing
  • SAE J2894 Power Quality Testing
  • SAE J1666 Acceleration and Deceleration Testing
  • SAE J1263 Coastdown Testing

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