Our range of services covers every process stage of a successful road test, regardless of whether the test is for a car or a lorry. Our services are available module by module and as a complete package. For our complete service package, we handle every aspect of the test.

We find the vehicles you want and transport them to where you need.

We outfit and refit the vehicles to meet your specifications in our in-house workshop. We handle all of the work and services during the test.

Test Drives
We test all of your vehicle components – from lubricants and operating fluids to engines, navigation devices and electronic components to all of the interior elements and tyres. The spectrum of services we provide for road tests ranges from short distance testing to endurance trials and can take place anywhere from public roads or proving grounds to racetracks or roller test benches. We can carry out the test drives in Germany or anywhere around the world.

Our tests are designed specifically to meet your specifications, documented from start to finish and carried out to fulfil all of the requirements needed to meet your goals.

We remove individual parts relevant to testing from the vehicles in our in-house workshop. The tested components are evaluated, examined by professionals and certified to applicable standards.

Total Vehicle Assessment
In addition to driving according to an agreed driving profile over a defined mileage, we also carry out typical operations by hand. We critically examine the vehicles at all times, documenting every noteworthy aspect from start to finish. At the end of the test, we provide a complete vehicle teardown and the vehicle is evaluated and examined by professionals as part of a Q-Audit.

Our Services include:

  • Total vehicle evaluation tests (quality)
  • Durability tests (R&D)
  • Propulsion tests (e.g. fuel economy test, alternative fuel (e.g. M15, E85), NGV (CNG or LNG))
  • High voltage tests incl. training (e.g. hybrid, electric vehicles, fuel cell)
  • Driving on demand – rig to road (time & speed based vs. road type based)
  • ADAS projects (ACC distance control, lane-keeping assistant, pre-crash, etc.)
  • Infotainment, connected car and multimedia testing
  • PEMS application drive (AVL M.O.V.E Gas PEMS iS)
  • Benchmark of components and systems
  • Reverse engineering

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