API Engine Oil Licensing and Certification

American Petroleum Institute (API) licensing and certification tests for engine oils and lubricants

API Engine Oil Licensing tests available from Intertek:

Test MethodTest Description
D 6557Ball Rust Test (BRT, TMC Calibrated)
D 5968Corrosion Bench Test (CBT, TMC calibrated)
D 6594High Temp Corrosion Bench Test (HTCBT, TMMC Calibrated)
D 5133Gelation Index (TMC calibrated)
D 6278Shear Stability of Fluids (Kurt Orbahn) - 30 Cycles
D 7109Shear Stability of Fluids (Kurt Orbahn) - 30/90 Cycles
D 6795Engine Oil Filterability Test (EOFT, TMC Calibrated)
D 6794Engine Oil Water Tolerance Test (EOWTT, TMC Calibrated)
D 6335TEOST 33C Test (TMC Calibrated)
D 7097TEOST MHT Test (TMC Calibrated)
D 5800Volatility, NOACK (TMC Calibrated)
D 6417Volatility Simulated Distillation (TMC Calibrated)
D 6922Homogeneity & Miscibility (H&M)
D 892Foaming Tendency/Stability Seq. I-III
D 6082High Temp Foaming Tendency/Stability
D 4951Phosphorus Content by ICP
D 2622Sulfur Content by WDXRF
D 445Kinematic Viscosity (for J300 Viscosity Grade)
D 4683High Temp High Shear Viscosity @ 150°C (for J300 Viscosity Grade)
D 4684MRV-TP1 Viscosity at J300 Grade Temperature
D 5293CCS Viscosity at J300 Grade Temperature
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