Microbe contamination testing and detection in diesel fuel.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Microbes will digest and degrade diesel fuel over time, when given the right environment. Intertek fuel labs can detect bacteria and fungus microbes present in fuel samples. 

There are four main groups of microbes which cause diesel and biodiesel fuel spoilage and integrity issues:

  • Oil Degraders
  • General Heterophic Bacteria
  • SRB, Sulphate reducing Bacteria
  • Yeasts and Molds

Microbiological contamination of diesel fuel is sometimes referred to as the "Diesel Bug". Microbiological contamination of fuel storage and distribution systems becomes noticeable when clients begin to experience costly operation upsets. Bulk storage diesel fuel biocide treatment can cure or reduce bacteria infestations and prevent contamination problems in advance. 

If microbial contamination is detected by the kit, the Intertek fuel consultancy team can recommend remedial actions required to bring fuel systems back under control. This may involve further testing to determine the extent of the problem along with advice on ‘good housekeeping’ procedures to prevent recurrence.

Fuel microbial testing can be used as part of a regular monitoring and maintenance program to give early warning of contamination issues.

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