Fuel oil, bunker fuel, lube oil, residual fuel, vacuum gas oil (VGO) and other heavy fuel testing.

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Intertek heavy distillates fuel testing conforms to ASTM, ISO, IP and other international test methods and standards for a wide range of heavy petroleum refined fuels. Heavy distillate fuel testing is available throughout Intertek's global laboratory network. Expertise includes fuel quality control, trouble-shooting, contamination identification, and R&D support.

Residual Fuel, Fuel Oil Testing Analysis Fuel Oil Tests, ASTM
API Gravity, Density, Relative Density D287, D1298, D4052
Ash Content Test D482
Flashpoint Test (PMCC) D93, others
Pour Point Test D97
Sediment Content D473
Sulfur Content Analysis D4294
Viscosity - Kinematic D445
Water Content D95
S & W (Centrifuge) D1796

Number 2 Fuel Oil Basic Testing Analysis:

Residual Fuel, Fuel Oil Fuel Oil Tests
API Gravity, Density, Relative Density D287, D1298, D 4052
Appearance, Haze D4176, Colonial
Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (CHN) D5291
Cetane Index (Calculation Only) D976, D4737 (A or B)
Cloudpoint D2500, D5771, D5773
Color D1500
Copper Corrosion D130
Distillation D86
Flashpoint D93, others
Pourpoint D97, D5950, D5949
Sulfur Content D4294
Sulfur Content (WDXRF) D2622
Sulfur Content by Oxidative Microcoulometry D3120
Sulfur Content by UV Fluorescence D5453
S & W (Centrifuge) D1796 / D2709
Metals Analysis- Al, Si, V, Ni, Fe, Na, etc. IP470, D5184, IP 377
Metals Analysis- Ni, V, Na Solvent Dilution D5863B, AAS/AES
Metals Analysis - Ni, V, Fe Digestion & Ashing D5863A, AAS/AES
Trace Metals Analysis ICP, AAS, AES
Metals Testing- Ni, V, Fe, Digestion & Ashing D5708B, D5708A
Microscopic Characterization of Particulates (wear debris)  
Molecular Weight D2502
NACE Corrosion TM0172
Nitrogen Content Kjeldahl D3228
Nitrogen Content, Nitrogen Speciation D4629, D5762 Chemiluminescence
Nitrogen, Bases UOP269, UOP313
Oxidation Stability D2274, D6468 (Octel F21), D5304
Particulate Contamination D6217, IP 415
pH Value D1293
Polypropylene in Fuels, Qualitative, Quantitative BP Marine A, BP Marine B
Refractive Index D1218
Salt Content D3230, D6470, IP 77
Sediment in Lube Oils D2273
Sediment by Hot Filtration D4870,IP 375
Sediment - Potential IP 390 + IP 375
Simulated Distillation D2887 Sim Dis
Storage Stability of Diesel D4625
Stability Testing, Fuel Oil Peptization Value P-value and P0/Frmax Rotterdam
Sulfur / Sulphur D129
Sulfur Dioxide Emissions (Calculation)  
Sulfur, Sulphur Speciation  
Toluene or Xylene Equivalence  
Ultimate Analysis (CHN with O by difference.) D5291
Unsulfonated Residue in Diesel D483
Viscosity (Saybolt) in Diesel D445, D2161
Viscosity, Kinematic D445
Viscosity Index D445,D2270
Viscosity Testing  
Water Content E203, D6304
Wax Appearance in Distillates D3117
Wax Content UOP46
Water Separability (Demulsification) D1401, FTM 3201
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