Oilfield Microbial Monitoring

Oilfield microbial monitoring examines the problematic microorganisms found in oil and gas systems, allowing for well-informed planning and risk management.

Oilfield microbial monitoring is a valued and important discipline within the oil and gas industry.

Microorganisms can occasionally make a positive difference in exploration and production process systems, but more typically they represent a persistent threat to operational efficiency and safety. 

Oilfield microbial monitoring is a fundamental tool deployed by our experts in tackling problems that arise from unchecked microbial activity, the consequences of which can be severe for oil and gas infrastructure and operations. 

If problems are detected too late or corrective measures are not taken, system failures and operational instabilities can occur. Expensive emergency remedial action may be the only solution or, at worst, control may only be regained by extensive materials replacement or the complete abandonment of processes.

Poised to offer you time-tested and valued oilfield microbial monitoring from our innovative laboratories, we can help you gain control over the bacteria that threaten your business. 

Our Total Quality Assurance specialists can work to develop detailed monitoring programmes which are tailored to suit your systems. A typical approach is to enumerate microbial cells in the bulk phase, treating the presence of sulphate-reducing bacteria as a key indication of potential problems. 

Supporting our oilfield microbial monitoring is our independently developed technology, BugTracker. Established through extensive in-house microbiology research and development, this unique online management tool provides continuous monitoring and trending, as opposed to periodic information. All of our oilfield microbial monitoring is undertaken to the industry recommended standard NACE TM0194. 

At the forefront of microbiology innovation and solutions for more than three decades, we are the ideal partner for oilfield microbial monitoring and can also provide a full suite of related exploration and production services.

With our global reach and world-class centres of excellence, we can provide the effective approaches you need to maintain the health and productivity of your business. 

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