Intertek makes your solar panels shine in the eyes of purchasers and investors through our Solar Module Bankability Testing and Inspection services

As Bankability drives the industry today, Intertek delivers the capabilities to help you demonstrate the ability of your product to achieve subsidies and peak investor interest. Beyond certifying the safety and performance of your photovoltaic product, we provide you with the tools to make your PV module “bankable” in the eyes of governments, purchasers and investors.

Solar Bankability Services
Bankability Process
Manufacturers in Intertek's Bankability Program demonstrate their commitment to safety and quality by performing additional testing beyond the minimum requirements that include:
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Factory Inspections

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As a global leader in photovoltaic testing and certification services, our partnership with organizations such as the PI Photovoltaic Institute Berlin enables us to provide the most technologically advanced services for solar bankability in the world. Because of these expert capabilities, and our meticulous certification process, Intertek has established the utmost credibility in the bankability industry. When we deem a product bankable, governments, purchasers and investors take notice.

Bankability Stakeholders
  • Bankability helps mitigate risk for wholesalers, power plants, developers, investors, and other PV module purchasers
  • Provide manufacturers the 3rd party proof they need to differentiate their products and facilitate sales
Solar Bankability Services

Our history and experience of testing and certifying solar energy equipment has enabled us to develop the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide you through every step of the bankability certification process.

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