Gas chromatography analysis for petroleum, natural gas, fuels, LPG, petroleum refined products, petrochemicals, and additional hydrocarbons and chemicals.

Intertek provides expert gas chromatography testing for petroleum, petroleum refined products, natural gas, LPG gases, petrochemicals, and other chemicals and materials. Intertek operates hundreds of gas chromatographs in GC labs across the world, providing one of the largest networks of independent, dedicated, gas chromatographs in the world. Gas chromatography petroleum and chemical tests available for clients include ASTM, ISO, in-house, and other recognized methods.

Gas chromatography analysis:

  • Trace levels and ultra-trace detection levels to ppm, ppb, ppt
  • Purity and contamination analysis
  • Component tests and compositional analysis
  • ASTM GC test methods available:
    • Gas Chromatography ASTM tests:
    • d1945, d2360, d3710, d3797, d3798, d4420, d4492, d4735, d4815, d5134, d5443, d5599, d5623
    • d6293, d6142, d6563, d5580, d6293, d6729, d6729, d6730, d6733, d6839, d6890, d7423, d7504
    • and additional gas chromatography test methods
  • GC detectors available:
    • Catalytic combustion detector (CCD), discharge ionization detector (DID), electron capture detector (ECD), flame photometric detector (FPD), helium ionization detector (HID)
    • Infrared detector (IRD), mass spectrometer (MS), photo-ionization detector (PID), pulsed discharge ionization detector (PDD), thermionic ionization detector (TID), and others
  • Gas chromatography (GC)
  • Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS)
  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • ASTM Chemical Testing
  • Natural Gas Testing
  • Middle Distillates Analysis using 2-dimensional Gas Chromatography
  • Trace Analysis of Petrochemicals and Basic Chemicals
Gas Chromatography ASTM EN Biodiesel

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