Trace analysis of petrochemicals and other hydrocarbons.

Intertek laboratories across the world analyze petrochemicals and other chemicals to trace and ultra-trace ppm and ppb levels. Chemical trace analysis laboratory staff with years of experience, use state-of-the-art instrumentation to support clients with rapid analysis. 

Petrochemical compounds analyzed to trace levels including the full range of olefins and aromatics, LPG gases, monomers and polymers.

The chemical testing laboratories support petrochemical plants, chemical plants, producers, chemical feedstock suppliers and consumers, refiners, buyers & sellers, chemical engineers, in-house laboratories, and others. Trace analysis services include 24/7 quality control testing, R&D support, trace contamination detection and quantification, quality troubleshooting, unknowns detection and identification,and other applications. 

Chemical trace analysis staff work with clients to determine root causes for difficult petrochemical and other chemical QC and trace contamination problems, with world-class expertise and capabilities available through Intertek's global network.

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