Crude oil and natural gas laboratory in the Eagle Ford shale region.

Eagle Ford shale oil and gas testing, inspection, metering, sampling, and engineering services by Intertek provide crucial industry support for the entire supply-chain, for a wide range of exploration, production and logistics requirements.

Intertek supports shale oil and gas clients engaged in exploration & production and midstream activities in the Eagle Ford region. The Elmendorf, Texas lab (San Antonio) is part of Intertek's Texas and global hydrocarbons testing laboratory network. An extensive range of shale related crude oil, condensate, and natural gas sampling and sample analysis services are available.

Elmendorf, Texas, Eagle Ford shale oil and gas laboratory expertise and services:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Analysis Composition by ASTM D2163 or GPA 2186
  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Extended Analysis (method based on fluid)
  • Gas Composition (basic and extended) by ASTM D1945, GPA 2261 and GPA 2286
  • High-temp Simulated Distillation by ASTM D7169, with Rapid Yield Results
  • Vapor Pressure by ASTM D5191, D6377
  • Crude Oil Flash Assays
  • Crude Oil by Rail DOT Classification Testing
  • Natural Gas Liquids and Condensates Analysis
  • Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) Analysis 
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Testing 
  • Sulfur Speciation by ASTM D5504, D5623
  • Hydrogen Sulfide in Liquid by IP 570, Hydrogen Sulfide in Vapor 
  • Total Acid Number by ASTM D664
  • Shrink Analysis by API 20.1
  • PVT Sampling & Analysis
  • On-site Sampling
  • Meter Calibration & Measurement
  • Data Management

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