Crude oil assay tests and analysis.

Oil and refining companies depend upon accurate crude oil assay profiles of candidate petroleum feedstocks for refineries. Intertek is the world leader in crude oil assay services, providing refiners and traders with the crude oil characterization data needed to make optimal decisions regarding the value and suitability of refinery petroleum feedstocks. Crude oil assay test data helps refineries, sellers and traders optimize production, yields and profit.

Petroleum assay data:

  • Full Petroleum Assay testing, analysis and reporting 
  • Full Crude oil characterization
  • Crude Oil Assay Tests List (detailed listing)
  • Detailed hydrocarbon analysis
  • Multi-Ring and side-branching structural analyses 
  • Asphaltene and Waxes deposition 
  • Methanol in crude monitoring 
  • Mercury in crude analysis
  • Enter, smooth, and graphically display laboratory crude assay data 
  • Store published crude assays in a secure database 
  • Compare graphically current crude assay to reference assay 
  • Extend partial assays if data is missing 
  • Troubleshooting petroleum feedstock issues 
  • Additional tests and services as required
  • Specific crude oil quality tests are also available, as required.
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Crude Oil Assay ASTM D2892
Crude Oil Assay Endorsement
“Superb support from Intertek allowed crude oil samples to be analyzed and approved in 24 hours while the cargo was still at sea, enabling the crude oil to be optimally utilized by our refineries and enabled the purchase of a second cargo only 4 days later.”