Understand and Meet Your Obligations for Internationally Transporting Lithium Batteries

Whether you are a manufacturer of lithium technologies or are planning to use these batteries within your device, you will likely be faced with the prospect of transporting lithium cells or batteries from one country to another. At Intertek, we offer support for a high volume of firms who have never considered the resources, safety, and logistical issues involved in the transport of lithium batteries.

Download Intertek’s latest white paper on the UN requirements for lithium battery testing prior to transportation. In this paper we’ll look at the obligations faced by companies transporting lithium batteries internationally and how to meet them successfully.

This paper covers the following topics:

  • The revised UN regulations for battery transportation
  • Test criteria to be considered to help you prepare for assessment
  • Resources needed to transport lithium batteries
  • Safety and logistical issues to be considered
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