Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you comply with the European Union (EU) Battery Regulation (2023/1542)

In February 2024, a new battery regulation (Regulation (EU) 2023/1542) came into force for the European Union. The aim of this regulation is to create harmonized legislation for the sustainability of batteries and the safety of stationary battery energy storage systems, manufactured in, or imported to, the EU. The new regulation replaces the EU Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) which is repealed from 18 August 2025.

This legislation affects all battery types, whether incorporated in a product or supplied separately, and changes the regulatory landscape for the entire battery industry. Starting in February 2024, regulation requirements are being introduced over several years.

The main milestones for manufacturers and importers include:

  • From 18 August 2024, CE-marking of batteries according to the EU battery regulation is required. Once the manufacturer has met all applicable requirements, it is their responsibility to show conformity with the Battery Regulation by affixing the CE Mark to the battery.
  • From 18 August 2025, battery manufacturers or importers of batteries with a turnover exceeding EUR 40 million, and their suppliers, need to comply with battery supply chain due diligence requirements.
  • From 18 August 2025, producers of batteries are responsible for the end-of-life collection and treatment of batteries.
  • From 18 February 2027, portable batteries in products need to be removable and replaceable by the end user.
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How Intertek can help

Our global network of battery testing labs, battery experts, and regulatory specialists can help you navigate these complex regulatory, sustainability, safety, and quality challenges throughout your battery value chain. Our services to help manufacturers and importers comply with EU Battery Regulation requirements include:

  • Regulatory advisory and identification of compliance requirements
  • Streamlining your CE compliance process
    • Performance and durability testing
    • Battery safety testing
    • Battery labeling and documentation
    • Identification of material and chemical restrictions
    • Testing for restricted materials
    • Carbon footprint calculations
    • Recycled content verification
  • Battery waste management support
    • Battery producer registration with required bodies
    • Implementation of collection and recycling system
    • Identification of ongoing reporting requirements

We also provide solutions to fulfill other obligations in the EU Battery Regulation:

  • Supply chain due diligence
  • Battery passport
  • Second life of batteries
  • Assessment of removability and replaceability of batteries in products
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