Analysis of battery electrode morphology, chemistry and electrolyte purity

Intertek offers testing and characterization of a battery’s components, pre- and post-cycling, and provides unique insight for advanced battery technology refinement. Establishing a baseline of raw materials, followed by post-mortem analysis of electrodes and electrolytes complement performance testing needed to validate new battery technology. Test methods are readily applied from design through manufacturing, from button and coin cell to a commercial scale battery product. Advanced analytical sciences provided by Intertek helps the customer understand effects on battery performance from electrode morphology, chemistry, electrolyte purity, and supports failure analysis investigations.

Battery Post-Mortem Analytical Testing Services:

  • Battery electrode surface characterization:
    • Surface composition in cast electrode, new and spent
    • Elemental distribution spatially across the electrode
    • Morphology of solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer
    • Morphology of active electrode particles
    • Distribution of binder and conductivity enhancers
  • Battery current collectors:
    • Extent of corrosion on current collector
    • Contact between current collector and electrode
    • Depth and type of contamination from current collector to opposite electrode
  • Battery electrolytes and solvents:
    • Purity of starting electrolyte solvent mixtures
    • Establish kinetic limitations for ion transport in solvent
    • Degradation products from extended battery cyclic
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