Expert Testimony and Litigation Support Services for Chemical Safety

Intertek offers scientific and consulting support for your chemical safety litigation case.

With today’s litigious culture, there is an increasing number of consumer product, chemical, pesticide, and pharmaceutical involving restricted substances.

Intertek has a wealth of scientific and consulting expertise and experience to support your legal professionals in launching the best possible case against claims of personal injury or class action litigation arising from perceived, potential, or actual exposures to chemicals. The combination of our world class analytical testing capabilities and our extensive database of toxicological reviews are an excellent resource for legal professionals. We are experienced in the preparation and presentation of expert testimony for litigation cases involving industrial chemicals, pesticides, dietary supplements, medical devices, pulp and paper mill effluents, exposures to potentially harmful liquids and gases in the workplace, and chemicals in consumer products.

The development of a new chemical, in particular new pesticide, pharmaceutical and biotech products is capital intensive. This capital investment can be protected from litigation, especially frivolous lawsuits, by working with Intertek’s experts. We can help you protect your investment by:

  • Providing hazard, exposure and risk assessments
  • Providing appropriate and effective chemical analysis
  • Providing documentation and analysis
  • Preparing and presenting expert testimony
  • Reviewing cases, defining the issues, assessing biological feasibility, providing the foundation for a toxicological assessment
  • Providing detailed toxicology risk assessments, contamination risk assessments, and exposure assessments
  • Extracting relevant information from the scientific literature for use in litigation
  • Identifying sequelae for various exposure scenarios, distinguishing between long-term and short-term exposures or between acute and chronic effects
  • Identifying critical indicators of exposure, and cross comparison and integration of these various elements
  • Preparing toxicology overviews on new or unique substances
  • Assessing potential hazards to human health associated with exposure to substances in occupational and non-occupational settings
  • Assessing scientific basis and consistency of existing regulatory criteria or standards
  • Assessing the probability of effects due to an exposure
  • Present potential risk associated with a chemical or product in the context of an individual’s total risk, both voluntary and involuntary


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