Enabling your vaccine or therapeutic development progress in the fight against COVID-19, partner with Intertek for expert GLP, GCP and GMP laboratory services including outsourcing, bioanalysis, characterization, release testing and auditing

Intertek provides mission-critical quality assurance solutions to ensure production and operations continue to function smoothly in rapidly changing situations. Our priority is always health and safety while delivering outstanding service to our customers.​

We understand the pressures placed on your business to maintain the supply of critical medicines or to accelerate development of safe, effective and high-quality drugs for patients  or vaccines to safeguard lives.​ Making these goals a reality comes with many challenges for your business. Our global team of scientists, regulatory consultants and auditors are ready to help you innovate and progress the fight against COVID-19.​

Accelerating Development, Ensuring Quality​

From reformulation and re-purposing drug products to delivering accurate insight from clinical studies, we understand the critical steps and strategic approaches to accelerate your development programs efficiently. We work across many product classes including small molecule, viral vector products, oligonucleotides, mRNA, recombinant and natural proteins, inhaled or nasal drugs, lipid nanoparticle or liposome encapsulated products and so whatever your modality, we have the expertise ready to assist you.

Contingency and Risk Mitigation in Maintaining Medicine Supply Chains​
Our network of GMP, GCP and GLP laboratories and auditing teams can provide, at minimal notice, short or long-term solutions for stability storagecGMP Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testingbatch release testingR&D analytical support or auditing. We also help you to plan for quality throughout supply chain disruptions. Our flexibility provides viable alternative solutions when your existing testing capacity is stretched and so contact us now to learn more - our experienced scientists are mobilized to assist you every step of the way from bench to patient. 



 Webinar: Repurposing Products for Inhaled Delivery - Rapid Response Strategies 


Learn how to accelerate product development with strategic repurposing of existing products for inhaled delivery


Learn how partnership with an experienced CRO enables business continuity through flexible analytical laboratory solutions


Learn about strategic phase-relevant QC programs including product-specific analytics for complex vaccine products. 


Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services 
Immunoassays, PK, ADA, NAb and cell-based assays, and biomarker studies
COVID-19 GMP Vaccine Development

GLP, GCP and GMP vaccine characterisation and bioanalytical support
COVID-19 Re-Purposing for Inhaled Delivery

Formulation, GMP testing & clinical material manufacturing
COVID-19 mRNA Drug Development Characterisation

mRNA analytical characterisation and batch release testing
COVID-19 Biopharmaceutical Characterisation

Compendial and non compendial methods for clinical trial or marketed products
COVID-19 Auditing Solutions

Supply Chain
Diagnostic Testing Support CV Spotlight

Device or reagent support through testing for quality control and stability
COVID-19 Pharmaceutical Delivery Technology

Delivery Technologies
Physico-chemical characterisation of viral vectors, nanoparticles, liposomes and lipid nano-particles

Protein and oligonucleotide physico-chemical & biophysical characterisation and potency assessment

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