Intertek provides mission-critical quality assurance solutions to ensure production and operations continue to function smoothly in rapidly changing situations. Intertek’s first priority is always health and safety while delivering outstanding service to our customers.

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From chemical analysis to supply chain to cybersecurity, Intertek’s 46,000 employees worldwide are all mobilised to support our customers. Read more about our capabilities and contact us for immediate assistance.

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Manufacturers are joining the effort to produce life-saving products around the world. For manufacturers not familiar with the complex production requirements for medical devices, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other critical products, Intertek has created Production Guides. These guides outline what you need to know about industry requirements for product design, testing, labelling, supply chains, facilities, staff training, and more.

Intertek has expanded capacity to offer immediate testing for life-saving equipment, and has introduced remote training, witness testing, and inspections to support manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Contact us with questions, or to schedule an immediate advisory meeting.



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