In Vitro Diagnostic Device Support Services

Supporting in vitro diagnostic device and reagent development, we provide a range of analytical and testing services to address product quality and stability

In vitro devices (IVDs) include medical diagnostic devices and accessories used to perform tests on clinical samples, such as blood, urine and tissue to help detect infection, diagnose a medical condition, prevent disease or monitor the efficacy of a drug therapy.  In some disease areas, patients are potentially better served by drugs which are selected via in vitro diagnostic tests. Examples of the IVD market includes immunochemistry, molecular diagnostics, blood donor screening, haematology, haemostasis, and point-of-care testing. 

Intertek's expertise in biotechnology product testing and materials science can help to accelerate your product development process and support the critical stages of approval and certification.

IVD support services:

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Need help or have a question?

+44 161 721 5247
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