Wound care product development support and wound care materials analysis and characterization helping you to achieve compliance and resolve manufacturing challenges

Wound care products are primarily aimed at ensuring timely wound healing and effective infection control. Wound care product analysis is an area of increasing focus as the industry moves towards active wound care products and dressings with specific properties. Many products are topical and are approved as medical devices, but some drugs and biologics have been approved for the treatment of wounds as well. 

The development of wound care products is a significant challenge for companies involved in this field due to the multi-discipline areas involved in the construction of these products as they require significant  capabilities in the fields of chemical analysis, microscopy and physical characterisation as well as clinical development to support marketing approval applications.

Our wound care product testing specialists use of a broad range of analytical technologies to support the critical stages of development, marketing authorisation and manufacturing. We have experience across fabric technology, films, foams, adhesives,  topical ointments, novel biomaterials or active ingredients which impart a special function such as antimicrobial action (silver or broad spectrum biocides), moist products (alginates), oxygen concentration, odour control and exudate absorption.

Support for antibacterial actives in wound care products

For wound care products that include anti-microbial agents, our teams can support your product development through quantification of the active substances such as silver content determination with ICP-MS applied to loading / dosing studies. We perform studies to measure the release of active species in simulated body/ wound fluids over time so you can perfect controlled release characteristics. Our scientists are able to visualise microbial activity using live/ dead organism staining and fluorescence microscopy to study product efficacy during development and also to support marketing and promotional applications.

Wound care materials expertise

We have worked with clients across a wide range of materials that are used to construct wound care products. Our expertise in characterising and testing of textiles and fibres means that we can support the development and manufacturing of woven and non-woven sheets or web structures of long fibres. We provide analysis of the distribution components (inorganic or organic) throughout and the interactions of components that manage the wound. 

Polymers and adhesives play an important role in how patient friendly and how well the wound care product performs. Our expertise in testing plastics and other synthetic polymers position us well to support your development projects; this includes profiling the migration of leachables from polymeric materials such coatings or adhesives.

We have particular capabilities for biomaterials analysis including alginates, chitosan and collagen.

In support of preclinical and clinical studies, we perform bioanalysis conducted under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. 

With a broad range of analytical technologies such as electron microscopy (SEM) and chemical analysis our scientists provide a one-source solution for complete analysis of wound care products and dressings. Intertek have the expertise and technology to assist companies operating in the wound care sector at all stages in product development, approval or manufacturing.

Advanced wound care product services

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