Update On COVID-19

6 May Update

Intertek’s first priority is always the health, safety and security of our people and delivering outstanding service levels to our highly-valued customers.

Our Commitment to the Health and Safety of our Employees

We have issued extensive communications to all our people in line with World Health Organisation guidance on how to minimise the risk of viral infection to them and others by taking effective hygiene measures and avoiding situations where the risk of infection could be heightened.

We have updated our Group Coronavirus Precaution and Preparedness Policy which is available here and we have reviewed the adequacy and suitability of our business continuity plans.

We have put a complete restriction on all international travel by our people.

The actions we have taken globally include:

  • Health alerts and guidance to our colleagues, including a detailed “Novel Coronavirus Control and Prevention Manual”.
  • In accordance with this manual, we have hygiene and other protection measures in the workplace, at home and at customer locations for field-based colleagues.
  • When conducting field-based Health assessments for factories, vendors or customer sites, we will be asking our partners to first confirm they have no suspected cases of coronavirus and have taken their own precautionary measures before we deploy our people.

As countries start to move towards a post-lockdown phase with the relaxation of certain Covid-related restrictions, we are preparing for this in every market so that we maximise our support for our clients while ensuring high standards of safety, health and wellbeing of our people. Our Group-wide Post-Lockdown HSE policy will be rolled out, market by market, as each market moves to a post-lockdown phase.

Key aspects of our Post-Lockdown HSE policy are that:

  • The very extensive control, hygiene and prevention measures we put in place going into lockdown – including Covid-related sanitisation of our facilities – will continue
  • All employees will be required to wear face masks – and we have secured supplies of these for all our people
  • We will maintain a minimum social distancing of 1m between people in our facilities
  • We will continue to ask visitors to our facilities to comply with certain health and safety requirements.

We have already implemented our Post-Lockdown HSE policy in Bangladesh, Dubai, India, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, the US and Canada in line with the easing of certain restrictions.

Our Commitment to our Customers

At Intertek, our commitment to health and safety is a foundation which we affirm to all of our internal and external stakeholders.

Intertek provides mission-critical quality assurance solutions to its clients to ensure that they can operate with well-functioning supply chains in each of their operations.

Intertek businesses continue to operate with a Business As Usual approach around the world, recognising that there could be some disruption caused by government initiatives to contain the virus. Our Business Continuity Plans are fully in place across our operations and we are also staying in close contact with our customers to mitigate the potential disruption to the supply chains of our customers’ operations.

We have updated our customer service library to inform our clients about our specific Novel Coronavirus resources and services.

We can also guide new manufacturers on complex safety and quality requirements when producing critical care equipment to address the Covid-19 related health and safety risks globally.

Never before has health, safety and wellbeing been so vital to every aspect of our lives. Whether at work, shopping, eating out or using public transport, employees and consumers are looking to brands for trust, assurance and peace of mind. Intertek Protek is the world’s first industry-agnostic, end-to-end health, safety and wellbeing assurance programme for people, workplaces and public spaces, offering audits, training, inspection, verification and certification solutions.

Customers can read more about our latest solutions and contact us for immediate assistance here: https://www.intertek.com/

Should customers need further information, please contact your Intertek representative who will assist.

Intertek Information Update

This is a developing situation; we are continuing to monitor very closely and we will provide regular updates.