Pittsburgh Pennsylvania petroleum, chemical, and natural gas testing and inspection services.

Intertek Caleb Brett

The Intertek Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania laboratory provides petroleum, fuels, chemicals and additional hydrocarbons testing, inspection, and measurement services within a 200 mile radius, supporting a wide range of customers. Strategically placed, the lab tests petroleum, petroleum refined products, natural gas and chemicals, with rapid, cost-effective operations running 24/7. Responsive field sampling are available to help ensure fast sample analysis turnaround and reporting.

The Pittsburgh lab conforms to ASTM, ISO, GPA, and other accepted standards and methods. As part of Intertek's national and global laboratory network, additional expertise and resources are conveniently available, as needed.

Pittsburgh laboratory capabilities:

  • Detailed hydrocarbon analysis (C1 to C14+), ASTM D6729
  • LPG analysis, ASTM D2163, GPA 2186
  • Gas composition, including extended, ASTM D1945, GPA 2261, GPA 2286
  • High temperature simulated distillation, ASTM D7169. Distillation, D86
  • Sulfur content, ASTM D5453, D4294, D6667
  • H2S content in liquids, UOP 163. H2S content in vapor, ASTM D5705
  • Vapor pressure
  • API gravity and ASTM density
  • Sediment & water, water content
  • Total acid number, ASTM D664

Pittsburgh field sampling and inspection services:

  • Storage tank surveys
  • Crude oil railcar surveys
  • Load and off-load inspection
  • Sampling and inspection of barges, railcars, trucks
  • Metering and calibration


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