New Zealand petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing and inspection services.

Intertek New Zealand provides laboratory testing, cargo inspection, and related services for petroleum refining, fuel, and chemical clients. A new LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) laboratory will be finished by September, 2014.

The Marsden Point laboratory in New Zealand is well equipped for a wide range of testing, including ASTM, IP, and other industry accepted test methods and standards.

Petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing:

  • Flashpoint testing by ASTM D5, D3828, IP170 
  • Water content testing by:
    • Water by distillation, ASTM D93
    • Water in crude, ASTM D4006
    • Free water and particulates in fuels, ASTM D4176
  • Sediment in crude oil and fuel oil, ASTM D473
  • Density, Relative Density, ASTM, D1298, D4052, D5002
  • Filter blocking tendency, ASTM D2068
  • Conductivity of fuels, ASTM D2694
  • Colour, ASTM D6045
  • Freeze point of aviation fuels, ASTM D7153
  • and other tests.
Intertek New Zealand is part of a global network of laboratories capable of testing the full range of hydrocarbons, biofuels, and petrochemicals.
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