Mercury sampling, testing, and trace level detection and analysis in Natural Gas.

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Intertek provides portable sampling and testing capabilities for mercury in natural gas.

Mercury can be present in natural gas wells and natural gas production streams, depending upon local geology. Trace levels of mercury may be present in natural gas in either elemental form or in compounds such as chlorides. Intertek laboratories can measure the presence of mercury in natural gas streams down to the sub-ppb level, helping clients better understand and manage their mercury related problems.

Measuring mercury content is important for natural gas producers. Mercury, even in trace amounts, can damage gas processing equipment, various metal parts, and gas pipelines due to steady mercury amalgamation over time.

Natural gas samples are acquired according to ASTM D 6350, using a heated Pressure Letdown System (PLD). Natural gas samples are collected and analyzed using a Sir Galahad II Mercury Analyzer.

The analyzer can determine mercury content in gases to ultra-trace levels. Mercury analysis in natural gas is suitable for routine and research applications using atomic fluorescence and a gold-coated adsorption/desorption system, which can determine mercury levels to sub-parts-per-billion, ppb. The mercury measurement system is fully portable. Mercury in natural gas analysis is available in Australia, the UK, Singapore, and the USA.

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