Morocco crude oil, fuels, and chemicals testing and inspection services.

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Intertek provides professional and state-of-the-art testing and inspection services for the petroleum and petrochemical industries and clients in Morocco. The new petroleum laboratory in the Tanger area provides rapid, 24/7 service, testing products for flashpoint, density, sulfur content, viscosity, water content, and other important quality control tests.

Petroleum and chemical laboratory testing in Morocco:

  • Gas-oil, marine bunker fuel, marine distillate fuel, gasoline, etc.
  • Testing methods include ASTM, ISO, and other industry accepted methods.
  • Additional testing capabilities are easily coordinated through Intertek's laboratory network in North Africa and Europe.

Morocco loading and discharge cargo inspection services:

  • Naphtha, gasoil, fuel oil, VGO, base oils, gasoline, crude oil, LPG (butane, propane), fuel oil, base oils, etc.
  • Chemical products, including caustic soda, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.
  • Fertilizers (DAP, TSP, MAP), phosphate sulfur, etc.
  • Coal and petroleum coke
  • Cargo inspection services and expertise include draft survey, bunker survey, superintendence, load and discharge supervision, witnessing of laboratory analysis, and OBQ inspections.

Additional services in Morocco:

  • Technical audits, assessment of Petroleum and petrochemical Laboratories.
  • Quantity and quality monitoring of fuels at selling points and fuel depots.
  • Consulting, laboratory outsourcing, and additional expertise.

Locations in Morocco:

  • Intertek provides services to major port areas, including Mohammedia, Casablanca, Jorf Lasfar, Safi, Tanger, Nador, Agadir, Laâyoune, Dakhla, Tan Tan, and Kenitra. Services are available to clients throughout the country.


Caleb Brett Cargo Inspection & Analytical Assessment Services

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