ISO 17025 Accredited by ENAC laboratory for the Testing of Petroleum Products and Testing in the Environmental Sector

Intertek Caleb Brett Spain provides comprehensive analytical solutions, sample collections, and cargo inspections of petroleum products across the entire Spanish territory.

Located in the Port of Bilbao, the ISO 17025* accredited laboratory in Spain is a key reference center in the energy sector throughout the entire hydrocarbon logistics chain and specialises in the analysis of conventional fuels, biofuels, renewable fuels and new technologies derived from them.

Additionally, the laboratory features an environmental area dedicated to identify organic compounds in soil, water, sediments, sludge and gases caused by pollutants arising from oil spills or leakages.

The Spanish laboratory is part of the global Intertek laboratory network, testing to industry standards, including ISO and ASTM.

*Numbers of accreditation: 40/LE2322 and 40/LE2321 Scope available at

Spain Laboratory services include the testing of

Cargo inspections

Through a national network of over 80 inspectors located in major ports and cities across Spain, Intertek Spain provides 24/7 inspection services for petroleum and chemical shipments.

Spain Inspection services include

Petroleum and chemical services

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