Egypt petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing and inspection services.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek Egypt supports petroleum and chemical customers with world-class cargo inspection, testing and related services. Intertek's Egyptian staff are trained professionals with significant years of industry experience. Testing and inspection procedures conform to recognized global industry standards including ASTM and ISO.

Egypt petroleum and chemical testing and inspection services:

Intertek Egypt service locations:

  • Alexandria, Ain Sukhna, Adabyiah
  • Damietta, Port Said
  • Ras Budran, Ras Gharib, Ras Shukheir
  • Safaga, Suez Port, Wadi Feran, Zeit Bay
  • Intertek Egypt also coordinates and manages testing and inspection work for:
    • Libya
    • Yemen (Ash Shihr, Ras Isa Aden)
    • Jordan (Aqaba)

Caleb Brett Cargo Inspection & Analytical Assessment Services

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