Southern California petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing and cargo inspection.

Intertek provides petroleum, fuel, chemical testing and cargo inspection services in Southern California, serving clients in California and beyond. The chemical and petroleum testing laboratory is located in Signal Hill, in the Los Angeles area, providing 24/7 analytical testing for diverse industries and business in the region.

The Los Angeles laboratory provides expertise in trace chemical analysis, trace metal analysis, quality control, trouble-shooting, contamination identification, and many other testing capabilities. The Los Angeles lab offers prompt and reliable testing, with samples easily shipped to the laboratory for fast, professional testing and reporting.

As part of Intertek's national and international network of testing labs, the Signal Hill laboratory coordinates sample testing and ships samples as required to meet a significant range of laboratory analysis needs. 

Los Angeles region chemical and petroleum testing:

Los Angeles region petroleum and chemical cargo inspection:

Additional California cities serviced include Long Beach, San Diego, Bakersfield, and many others. Intertek also provides laboratory testing services for Northern California, through the San Francisco Bay Area laboratory.

The Signal Hill laboratory has added the ability to perform the Annex part of Simulation Distillation on Crude Oil (ASTM D7169), effective May 30, 2014. The new capability allows for improved accuracy for determination of the boiling point distribution, along with cut points and light end concentrations, of Crude Oil.  

California hydrocarbons testing and inspection:
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