New York, New Jersey and New York Harbor petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing and inspection.

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Fuel, petroleum, and chemical testing and inspection services in New Jersey and New York are provided on a 24/7/365  basis by Intertek in laboratories and offices in the New York Harbor, Albany and Philadelphia regions.

The Intertek Carteret, New Jersey, petroleum and chemical testing laboratory is located within minutes of all major New York Harbor and nearby New Jersey petroleum terminals and refineries. The Cartertet lab is the largest independent petroleum laboratory on the USA East Coast. The Philadelphia lab employs over 40 full time chemists and technicians. Intertek's Fast Lab Services are offered on a 24 hour per day basis, offering sample pick-up vehicles for rapid testing of client samples. Testing is conducted to ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards.

The Albany, New York laboratory supports clients in upper New York state, providing petroleum and chemical testing for the Port of Albany, Syracuse, Oswego, Buffalo, Rensselaer and other locations.

Southern New Jersey and regional petroleum and chemical testing and inspection is provided by extensive laboratory capabilities offered by the Philadelphia laboratory.

Petroleum, Fuel and Chemical testing capabilities in New York and New Jersey:

Petroleum, Fuel and Chemical cargo inspection:

Areas served by the New Jersey and New York Harbor laboratory:

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