Alaska crude oil, fuel, and chemical testing and inspection services.

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Intertek fuel and crude oil testing and inspection services in Alaska support the local oil & gas industry and the state's economy, providing vital fuel and petroleum quality testing and quantity cargo inspection. In addition, other high-value bulk commodities are inspected and tested.

Fuel and crude oil testing is conducted to ASTM, IP, ISO, and other recognized industry standards. Intertek locations and personnel provide testing and inspection services to the entire state, including remote regions.

Alaska crude oil, petroleum, and fuel laboratory testing:

  • Jet fuel testing and analysis, ASTM D1655, including API, JFTOT, flash point, freeze point
  • Diesel fuel testing and analysis, ASTM D975, API, pour point, cloud point, sulfur
  • Aviation gasoline fuel testing and analysis
  • Basic Crude analysis, API, water, sediment, sulfur, salt, acid, viscosity
  • Trained, rapid, Hazmat (dangerous goods) shipping out-of-state to Intertek's USA and global Intertek laboratories
  • additional crude oil and fuel testing

Alaska cargo inspection services:

  • Petroleum (crude oil and petroleum refined products)
  • Dry cargo measurement and sampling, biomass, urea, cement, coal, ore concentrates
  • Displacement surveys 
  • Tank strapping, bulk fuel storage tank calibration and capacity tables

Alaska Intertek office and laboratory locations:

  • Anchorage
  • Kenai, Nikiski
  • Valdez (main office)
  • Fairbanks, North Pole
  • Prudhoe Bay
  • With remote services available throughout Alaska
  • To contact Intertek Alaska operations directly, call +1 907 835 4331.

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