Exremely light crude oils and natural gas liquids (NGL) found in some shale formations can "boil" at room temperature, depending upon the composition and amount of light-ends.

Extremely light crude oils and natural gas condensate laboratory samples may bubble and "boil" at room temperature when the light end materials evaporate or "flash" when a sample container is opened, leaving behind the heavier residual fluids. 

The high API gravity "retro-grade" crude oil in this video originates in the Eagle Ford shale region. Natural gas condensates are typically formed when "wet" natural gas liquids (NGL) fall out of the natural gas stream from pressure and temperature changes made during natural gas processing. Proper procedures ensure that both sample integrity and laboratory safety are maintained.

Intertek provides professional field sampling, sample shipment, and laboratory analysis of shale crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. 

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Eagle Ford Crude Condensate Bubbling