Offshore Water and Legionella Management

Comprehensive offshore water and legionella management is key to safeguarding the health of personnel and complying with relevant legal requirements.

Offshore water and legionella management forms an integral part of the health and safety strategies of the Oil and Gas Industry. While potable water and legionella management applies to all industries servicing the remote locations of oil and gas producers can require an additional level of expertise.

In remote working locations, ‘wholesome water’ has to be utilised for drinking, cooking, food preparation or washing and must be fit-for-purpose. 

However, insufficient monitoring or system malfunctions can result in contamination so steps must be taken to manage the risks associated with hazardous bacteria, such as legionella.

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal illness that can be contracted by inhaling water droplets containing these bacteria. As legionella can thrive at temperatures between 20 and 45C (68 and 113F), water tanks, towers, bathing pools and showers are vulnerable to contamination.

When establishing an effective offshore water and legionella management strategy, organisations must ensure they are doing their utmost to satisfy legislation. According to official recommendations, bacteriological and chemical potable water testing should be conducted at least every three months.

The appointed duty holder has a legal obligation to ensure that legionella risk assessments have been conducted and reviewed accordingly. Oil and gas organisations operating on a global scale may have the added challenge of complying with varying regulations from country-to-country.

Answering your offshore water and legionella management needs, we provide full auditing and consultancy for minimising the growth of legionella bacteria and other problematic microorganisms.

Our fully qualified microbiologists are capable of conducting a wide range of tests and our accredited laboratory is strictly controlled through our quality assurance systems, including proficiency testing and third-party calibrations.

We can deliver legionella awareness training to your personnel, offer monitoring through our web-based legionella management software and provide advice on water system disinfection and vessel sampling. In addition, we can deliver bespoke potable water manuals incorporating procedures and associated logs for your legionella and water management tasks.

Beyond oil and gas, our water quality and legionella services cover a wide range of industries and our experts often conduct assessments in premises such as hotels, factories and local authority housing to name a few.

With us as your water and legionella management Total Quality Assurance partner, you will gain access to world-class guidance, supported by our cutting-edge technologies, laboratories and centres of excellence around the globe.

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