Photovoltaic Racking System Testing and Certification

Intertek specializes in expert Testing and Certification to ANSI/UL 2703 for Racking, Mounting, and Grounding Systems

As safety requirements and standards are enforced across the PV Industry, Intertek helps racking manufacturers remain compliant and keep up with the rapidly expanding demands of the Solar market. We have extensive experience testing and certifying racking, mounting and grounding systems for top manufacturers all over the world.

Our new Racking System service enables us to test and certify ground mount racking systems and clamping devices for flat-plate PV modules and panels. This new technology was developed specifically to help you comply with the new requirements of ANSI/UL 2703 faster than anyone else in the industry.

PV Racking & Mounting System Testing
to ANSI/UL 2703 Fact Sheet

We enable you to stay competitive and continue operations while ensuring your products are compliant. Designed with you in mind, our racking testing and certification services are focused on helping you stand out in today’s market.

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We keep you compliant to many solar industry standards, including:

  • Rack Mounting products to UL 2703
  • Modular Framing Systems to ICC AC 428
  • Solar Trackers to UL 3703
  • Junction Boxes to UL 3730
  • Wiring Harnesses to UL Subject 9703
  • Connectors to UL 6703
  • Power Ratings to IEC 61853-1
  • Inverters to IEC 62109-2
  • UL 1741 (Inverters, Combiner boxes, DC Optimizers, Charge Controllers)
  • IEEE 1547.1 (Grid Interaction Equipment)
  • UL 4703 (PV Wire)
  • UL/ULC ORD C1703 (PV Modules)
  • IEC 61730 (PV Modules Safety Requirements)
  • IEC 61215 (Performance Requirements for PV Modules)


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