Intertek Building Science Solutions Noise, Acoustics & Vibration (BSS-NAV) group provides a full range of acoustic and vibration consulting and testing services for owners, developers, designers, occupants and neighbors of buildings, facilities, and systems. We specialize in providing the following services to our clients.

Project Design Reviews

We optimize acoustic and vibration conditions for new construction and renovation projects with reviews of project design documents prior to construction or for remediation purposes.

Community Noise & Vibration

We measure environmental acoustic and vibration concerns that can affect the location choice, structure, enclosure design, or other mitigation to meet your project’s needs.

Acoustic and Vibration Modeling

We analyze and visualize the predicted acoustic and vibration conditions via computer modeling tools.


We create audio simulations for our clients to experience the acoustic conditions of the proposed design options prior to construction.

Acoustic and Vibration Measurements

We perform a wide variety of acoustic and vibration measurements to assess the sound and vibration conditions for benchmarking and understanding a project.

Acoustic and Vibration Field Testing

We perform acoustic and vibration field tests in accordance with industry standards and quantify performance of their constructions or conditions.

Acoustic Commissioning

We peer review existing, renovation or new construction projects to ensure facilities achieve the Owners Project Requirements (OPR), LEED credits, WELL Sound Features or other project objectives.

Expert Witness Services

We provide expert witness services with a focus on clear and concise communication, and attention to technical details.