Retailer Requirements Testing Services

Intertek can verify the safety, quality and overall value of appliances and consumer electronics, helping to distinguish your product to retailers

When competing for space on retailer shelves, you need to distinguish your product from your competitors. Our retailer requirement services can help you do just that.Our services offer end-to-end capabilities that can be customized to meet your needs and specific objectives.

Commercial Displays: Compliance to ANSI/UL 970 Fact Sheet

In addition to safety and performance testing, our retailer requirement services include:

Consumer Usability Program
Determine the overall ease of use and efficiency of your products. Consumer usability assessments will show how well products will be accepted by end users.

Factory Evaluations
Verify that your manufacturing sites follow best practices and assure compliance with recognized international code-of-conduct standards, helping to protect your brand and reputation.

Quality Inspections
Protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective merchandise, customer complaints, non-compliant products, and late shipments.

Returns Analysis
Help determine why products are returned, allowing non-defective merchandise to be resold. This data can also be used to improve product quality and can also be leveraged during negotiations with retailers.


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