Essential analytical approach for structural elucidation and confirmation or quantitation of low level analytes

Using mass spectrometry based approaches can solve some of the most difficult problems and answer tough questions such as, what is present in a sample, how much, and can the structure of the analyte be identified? Intertek’s analytical lab in Allentown, Pennsylvania has decades of experience in mass spectrometry that allows us to develop a detailed plan of testing to solve even the most complex issues.

We use a variety of modern instrumentation to address most applications, including liquid (LC/MS) and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometers (single and triple quadrupoles, TOF, and high-resolution quadrupole-TOF systems capable of accurate mass and tandem MS), MALDI-MS, and a time-of-flight-secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) for surface analysis. Our labs are fitted with an array of analytical instruments to provide complimentary data where applicable.

Sometimes the answers to our customers’ problems cannot be solved by a standard method. In these cases, Intertek’s team of researchers develop new mass spectrometry based methods rapidly using a wide array of applications to address these problems. Our mass spectrometrists can provide supplementary data for deformulations to identify the unknown, which often utilize multiple techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), vibrational spectroscopy, or titrations. Our scientists use chromatography with mass spectrometry analyses to quantitate low level analytes in complex mixtures, or for investigation of lot to lot variations in samples for applications such as quality control.

When structural information is necessary to confirm identifications of unknowns, tandem mass spectrometry is utilized to confirm fragment ions. We can test for undesirable chemicals, such as phthalates and alkylphenols and their ethoxylates with mass spectrometry approaches. Polymer characterization, such as molecular weight distributions and end group determination, using matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) with complimentary NMR analysis is another area of expertise that gives our customers the assurance and confidence that working with Intertek, a trusted partner, will help them achieve their goals and power ahead safely.

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