Quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis of elements in liquid and solid sample matrices

The elemental analysis process involves a sample of material that is analyzed for its elemental and possibly isotopic composition. This analytical process can determine what elements are present in the sample and also determine how much of the element, or elements, are present.

The Intertek Allentown Elemental Analysis (IAEA) lab, staffed with a dedicated group of senior scientists, chemists and analysts, is supported by state-of-the-art instrumentation that allows for a full survey of elemental concentrations ranging from ultra-trace up to weight percent (wt%) levels.

We apply our Total Quality Assurance expertise in quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis for up to 70 elements in solid and liquid sample matrices. Principle analytical techniques employed by the lab include:

Our team of experts will provide guidance as to the best approach for your specific analytical requirements and sample matrix.

Our lab offers a competitive edge in our ability to successfully take on difficult, non-routine projects that require in-house method development. Our expertise for developing customized sample preparation approaches is a key attribute for enabling high quality analytical data. We are known and respected for developing unique microwave assisted acid digestion applications which utilize leading edge microwave digestion systems.

Equally important is the individual attention provided to every client analysis request. Rest assured in knowing that your analysis request will be treated as a unique, stand-alone project, not batched together with multiple client analysis requests.

Our lab has collectively amassed over 100 years of experience in compositional/trace elemental analysis, wet chemistry applications, project execution, and analytical science consultation. This breadth and depth of experience enables our capabilities to characterize a broad range of advanced materials, process intermediates, and products in support of client research, product development and manufacturing operations. Commonly supported business sectors include the chemical manufacturing, consumer product, petroleum, geological, and electronics industries.

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